“Faraway Soldier’s Trail” Index

1. Introduction
2. War-1939
2.1 Ukrainian-Polish Relationship
3.  First days of Russian Occupation
3.1 My First Interrogation
3.2 New Organization, Betrayal and Deportations
4. My Arrest and Interrogations (Poem “Sad Times”)
5. Life in Prison 
5.1 Prison Cell 35 ( Poem “Behind bars”)
5.2 Prison Cell 12 and Further Interrogations
6. My Court Martial and Sentence
6.1 Prison Cell 24
7. My Journey and Life in Russian Forced Labour Camp
7.1 Journey to Russian Forced Labour Camp
7.2 Our Life in Russian Forced Labour Camp
7.3 My Interview and Move to Another Camp
7.4 Life in a Camp near White Sea
8.  Historic Breakthrough Day
9. Our New Life in Totskoye
9.1 Inspection by the Commander in Chief, General Władysław Sikorski in Totskoye, December 12, 1941
9.2 Preparation for Christmas in Totskoye
9.3 Christmas in Totskoye in 1941 (Poem “Holy night in Totskoye!”)
9.4 New Year, 1942
10. Farewell to Totskoye and on to Guzar
11. Farewell to Guzar and on to Persia!
11.1 From the Port City of Krasnovodsk to Pahlavi
12. On the Persian (Iranian) Soil
12.1 Typhoid and my Recovery
12.2 Celebrating the Polish National Holiday “The Third of May” in Tehran
13. Palestine and the Holy Places
13.1 Jerusalem and My First Impressions!
13.2 Outline of Palestine History
13.3 My Visits to Holy Places
13.3.1 Pater Noster Church
13.3.2 Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher
13.3.3 Finding of the Holy Cross Chapel
13.3.4 Chapel of Adam
13.3 5 Katholikon or Greek Cathedral
13.3.6 Franciscan Chapel
13.3.7 Arches of the Virgin Mary
13.3.8 Way of the Cross or Via Dolorosa (XIV Stations)
13.3.9 At the Wailing Wall (Kotel)
13.3.10 Mount Zion
13.3.11 Cenacle
13.3.12 Church of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary
13.3.13 Mount Moriah
13.3.14 Dome of the Rock Mosque
13.3.15 Al-Aqsa Mosque (the Farthest Mosque)
13.3.16  The Golden Gate
13.3.17 Church of the Saint Anne
13.3.18 Tomb of the Virgin Mary
13.3.19 Memorials in the Josaphat Valley
13.3.20 Locations of the Relics of the Passion
13.3.21 Bethlehem Basilica of the Nativity Manger in Bethlehem
13.4 Jericho and Bethany
13.5 Instinct, Hunches and Dreams
14. After Furlough
14.1 Nazareth
14.2 Cana
14.3 Capernaum 
15. Aden
16. Iraq 
16.1 Christmas in Iraq, 1942
16.2 New Year 1943
16.3 Faces of Iraq (Poem “For my Emily!”)
16.5 Easter in Iraq
17. Furlough in Teheran
18. Syria Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt
18.1 Syria
18.2 Lebanon
18.3 Second time in Palestine (Children’s First Communion in orphanage), (Poem “Farewell to the Holy Land”)
18.4 In the Land of the Pharaohs (Poem “Polish autumn”)
19. Return to Europe: Our First Steps on Italian Soil 
19.1 Our Incursion into Montenero (Poem “My Motherland”)
19.2 Spring in Monte San Croce (Poems “Easter in Monte San Croce” and “To my Dear Jania”)
20. The Battle of Monte Cassino
20.1 Glory and Honour to the Fallen
21. The Adriatic Front
22 Our Further Battles (Poem “Keep on Smiling”)
23. Crossing the Gothic Line
24. Furlough in Naples
24.1 Civilian life in Naples
24.2 An Evening with the Allied Forces
25. The Second Corps Returns to the Front
25.1 Our Meeting with the Italian Partisans (Poem “New Year, 1945”)
25.2 Course on ‘Materials Supply’ in Matera (Poem “Easter in 1945”)
26. Last Acts of War
26.1 Feast of ‘Third of May’ in Bologna
26.2 Germany Surrenders! (Poem “To the Queen of Poland”)
27. Italy After tha War 
27.1 In the Old Rome
27.2 Vatican
27.3 Life in Civitanova Marche and Departure of Troops to England (Poem “To My Mother!”)
27.4 San Marino (Poem “Soldier’s Request”)
28. Farewell to Sunny Italy
28.1 Austria
28.2 France
29. England
30. Canada (Poems “Dear Soldier,” “Love of Fatherland,” “Dollar is everything” and “Three flowers”)
31. Hamilton Polonia in Hamilton, Ontario  


By Jan Domanski

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